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    We carried out an experiment with chicken thighs for competition recently at Miss Piggy’s BBQ HQ and here are our findings………
    First things first, we had heard through the BBQ grapevine that certain teams were using secret ingredients to make the skin on the chicken thighs that they cook for competitions ‘bite through’, which is one of the things that can make them score better in competitions. So not wanting to miss out we decided to give this method a go.
    We trimmed the thighs to a similar size but did nothing to the skin apart from apply the secret ingredient Mayonnaise!

    We then seasoned the thighs with 3eyz new BBQ rub and then on to the pit.

    We cooked the chicken at a slightly higher temperature of 300 degrees F for the first half hour to try to achieve the texture we wanted and then lowered the cooker temp to 230 to finish the cook.
    We checked the internal temperature of the chicken at regular intervals and pulled them off the cooker at about 165-170 F. They looked and smelled fantastic and we deliberately did this test without saucing for two reasons. 1. The sauce may have affected the quality of the skin. 2. We wanted to see how nice the Rub tasted and whether or not we could taste the mayo.
    We took one bite (as a judge would probably do) out of each thigh. 6 out of the 8 thighs had perfect ‘bite through’ skin as you can see in the picture. The taste showed no evidence of the mayo and the rub was very nice and highly recommended. No wonder 3 eyz were KCBS team of the year 2012.

    We will definitely being doing more experimenting with this technique and well worth trying out for yourselves.