D.I.Y. BBQ Pizza.

Ok, the next feature in our D.I.Y. Takeaway food series is BBQ Pizza. Now you don’t need a dedicated Pizza oven for this so don’t be put off if you haven’t got one, we haven’t either. We have cooked pizza successfully on everything from an upright cabinet smoker to a weber grill. Your standard backyard bbq will do the job. The only extra I would suggest is a pizza stone, for ease of cooking and that extra special stone-baked feel. Here is an example http://www.weberbbq.co.uk/accessories/all-round-accessories/original-round-pizza-stone/

Also after speaking to Weber U.K., they have a lot of new products due this season. One of which is a neat attachment for any Weber 57cm grill/smoker, that will transform it into a pizza oven, which will enable an even cook of both the base and the toppings in super-quick time. So as soon as they are released and we get our hands on one we will be reveiwing it in another cook, but for now here is a sneaky look.PizzaOven1PizzaOven2


Starting with the pizza base. If you want to, there are many dough recipe’s on the internet that you can download, mix and spin around the room and your head to your hearts content, if you so choose, and there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t do that.  I, however, am lazy, so where I can, I will use ready made things, one of which being the pizza dough. I have tried making my own and can’t honestly tell any difference. I am not talking about buying a horrible supermarket ready made base that would be put to better use by standing your plate on it, but there are some shop bought doughs out there that you can roll to your required shape and thickness and even get creative with cheesy filled edges etc.

So choose the shape (I like plain old round) and choose your thickness ( I prefer thin) and get the base ready and onto your pizza stone. Next up toppings.

Start with the sauce. Take a tin of tomato paste/puree and add your spices. Experiment with spices and amounts to create your own pizza sauce. We use a tablesoon of  ‘Todds Dirt’ which is a blend of mainly Italian herbs, but another simple spice mix is 1 teaspoon of each basil,oregano,thyme and garlic powder, plus salt and ground black pepper to taste. If you can let this sauce sit for a few hours in the fridge the flavours will have time to marry. When you are ready to assemble the pizza spread the mix onto the base first, but not too thick as this could make your base soggy, then get creative with your toppings. Next up cheese. Again experiment but try to start with a standard mozzarella to give your pizza stringiness. Also be careful to not load up with too much cheese as you will get that soggy base again. For our demo here we went with chunks of feta and mature cheddar. On top we went for olives, thinly sliced chorizo (miles tastier than pepperoni) bacon and merguez sausage chunks (so meat with a bit more meat). Finish off with a fine grating of parmesan.

pizza before

Cook time will depend on what bbq or smoker you use and what temperature you are cooking at but if you can, get the grill very hot. So set up for direct grilling with coals evenly spread and pop the lid down and wait until  it gets to around 500 degrees F or higher. Put the pizza in and close the lid. Check at around the 5-10 minute mark (unless your temperature is a lot higher then check earlier). Take off your delicious pizza when ready and consume along with your favourite beer!

pizza after