Two all beef patties………

Most people are familiar with the song.

After stumbling across a youtube video of someone making a homemade big mac we decided to give it a go. So here is what we did and we thought the taste was great and the appearance was similar in looks to the advertising but twice the size of the actual burger!

The only thing to do in advance is make up the ‘special sauce’.

Mix all of these ingredients and allow them to ‘marry’ for a few hours in the fridge.

1/2 cup of mayonnaise

2 Tbs of French salad dressing

2 Tbs of Sweet pickle hamburger relish

1 Tbs of minced white onion

1 tsp of white vineger

1 tsp of white sugar

1/8 tsp of salt.

Next up….make your burger.

You will need 2 sesame seed buns per burger. 1 cut in half and the other with just the middle third cut out to make the middle of your burger.special sauce

2 palm sized balls of minced beef made into patties as thin or thick as you prefer (we made our about 1/2 inch thick), seasoned with a little salt and pepper. Half an onion (finely chopped). A handful of chopped lettuce. A couple of slices of burger cheese. Three or four slices of dill pickle.pickles cheese

Lightly toast the burger bun and fire up the pit. Grill the burgers for a few minute each side or until cooked through.patties after Assemble as follows. Spread ‘special sauce’ on bottom of bun and middle of bun, follwed by lettuce, onion and dill then cheese and burger. Stack it all together and consume safe it the knowledge that you know exactly what went in there……side viewdone

Pay at the next window please………………………