Feature day for Fire and Food magazine.

About a month ago we were contacted by ‘Fire and Food’  magazine about the possibility of them writing an article about Miss Piggy’s and also the UKBBQ Association and UK BBQ in general. We were thrilled at the prospect as the magazine reaches approx 70,000 readers in Germany and Netherlands. We settled on Sunday 10th of March 2013 as the date of the shoot.  We thought it would be a good idea to combine the weekend with a UKBBQA meeting on the Saturday afternoon and, on Saturday evening, a meal out at The Globe Inn, which is the venue for our first competition, and the first ever KCBS sanctioned competition in the U.K.

The meeting went well and so too did the meal. The chef at the Globe is fantastic and I can’t beleive the quality of the food for the prices they charge! One of the specials enjoyed by some of the party was pan fried pheasant with bubble and squeek. Wow!

globe pheasant

If I said everyone was very quiet and didn’t drink much at all, would you beleive that? Well it was a BBQ crowd what do you expect? We even tried to continue the UKBBQA meeting after returning to HQ !!!!

The following morning though everyone was up bright early setting up and prepping their dishes to present for the article. It was madness with so many cooks in such a small space but we all made it work, and the Dutch magazine editors (who I had told everyone were German!) thought it was one of the best shoots they had been to. The magazine is published in german and Dutch and, apparently goes out to approx 70000 readers. After its release we can put a link here for everyone to read and they even promised to translate it for us. Part of the article was about Miss Piggy’s and the rest about UKBBQA and the British BBQ scene in general. They asked us to produce 5 dishes and to try to focus on typically British themes. Here is what we did.

Adie Platts of Bite the Bullett BBQ Team and co-founder of UKBBQA produced a beautiful take on our traditional Sunday Lunch pf Roast Beef. He cooked a boneless prime rib roast with Yorkshire Puddings and Roast Potatoes all done on his Jambo Pit and Weber Smokey Mountain cooker.

adies rib roast

Claire Platts, also of Bite the Bullett BBQ team, cooked a Linzer Torte for dessert, again on ‘Edna’ the Jambo pit.

claires dessert

Charlie Langridge of Smokin’ Penguins BBQ team cooked a Full English Breakfast fatty on a Weber One Touch Grill and a Weber Smokey Mountain cooker.

Charlies Fatty

Miss Piggy’s prepared our Chicken Tikka and a Smoked Lambs Liver Casserole again on the 2 Weber cookers.

We all had a great time doing the feature and our visitors from the magazine seemed to enjoy the day too. We have more pictures on our facebook pages and also soon on the www.UKBBQA.com website. We would like to say a massive thankyou to our sponsors for the day Weber, for helping us make it possible. Also thanks to everyone that attended and took part.

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