Miss Piggy’s Classes and Corporate Team Building.

Miss Piggy’s were, yet again given a fantastic opportunity over the last few days (3rd and 4th September 2013) to preach the gospel of ‘Low and Slow’ true U.S. BBQ along with our partner in the U.K. BBQ Association http://ukbbqa.com/ , Adie Platts, at the Universal Cookery and Food Festival held at Warbrook House in Berkshire.http://www.cookeryandfoodfestival.co.uk/

The show was specifically by Chefs for Chefs, to enable them to stay on top of any trends in the Food world. Thankfully for us and everyone involved in U.S. style BBQ in the U.K. this fantastic style of cooking we all love is one of those top trends at present. We proved to be a great attraction raising awereness and interest. ucff1 ucff2 ucff4 ucff5



Most of April and May 2013 Pitmaster of Miss Piggy’s, Scott Lane has been in the fortunate position of being invited to be a bbq consultant for Asdas bbq team Butchers select, in their attempt at this years Memphis in May World BBQ Championships. It has been a great couple of months with many secrets and techniques shared from both sides. We feel the team will be well equiped to go over to Memphis and ‘hold their own’. We would like to wish John, Dermott, Mark and the rest of the team Good ‘Smokin’ luck and we will be rooting for you. Hope your name is called last! Have a look at a short video of their trip.


Following on from this Miss Piggy’s BBQ along with our Partners in the UK BBQ Association Bite the Bullet BBQ were asked to give a 2 day BBQ Corporate Masterclass. The event was absolutely fantastic and has hopefully formed the blueprint for future Corporate events and team building. Here are some pictures from ‘Alfreton in August’.

asda dayphoto

Attendees were split into four teams and given a gazeebo, cookers, meat, spices and sauces and everything they needed to cook ribs and one other meat, along with sides. They were also asked to decorate their stands as they would in a big U.S. competition such as Memphis in May or The Jack Daniels.


There was even a T Shirt catwalk competition. Even though this was an ‘all for fun’ two days the competition was fierce. So after the initial Masterclass given by Miss Piggy’s and Bite the Bullet it was down to the serious BBQ. The teams were judged in a mixture of KCBS blind judging and Memphis in May onsite judging. Some fantastic food was presented for judging, along with amazing effort on presentation, and all in all it was an extremely succesful and enjoyable 2 days.

Should you require further information about a Corporate event including team building BBQ competitions such as this please get in touch. scott@misspiggysbbq.co.uk