The Jack 2015.

Jack Daniels World Invitational BBQ Championship. 24th October 2015.

After a great season we had 5 ‘bungs’ in the draw for U.K. and we were lucky enough to have our bung drawn.

We flew out to the U.S. a week before the competition to spend some time with our dear friends Janice and Dale Wilson of Pirate 50 signs and Pirates of Porkscents BBQ, who had kindly offered to bring their entire cooking rig from North Carolina to Tennessee to make life easier for us to cook. IMG_2343

After a few precious days of much needed r&r we headed to to Tennessee and to the Jack to set up our site. After setting up we were invited to Byrons for dinner and drinks. IMG_2350IMG_2358

Thursday was final prep day and last minute touches to our stand, before returning to ButtRanch for some more gracious hospitality in the form of Byrons famous ‘pre Jack party. It was a great night with a whole hog and lots of fun with so many great friends.

Friday came all too soon and it was competition time before we knew it. The Jack Parade brought with it a lovely surprise performance of our national anthem perfomed by the band especially for us. IMG_2365 After the parade it was up to BBQ hill for a southern dinner, some great live music and a couple of Jack n cokes, before heading back down to the hollow to start cooking.IMG_2369IMG_2374

Our cook went smoothly and mostly to plan. The few samples we gave to the passing crowds brought good feedback but we hoped the judges would agree at awards. IMG_2381

To receive just one walk at the Jack is a massive achievement, with the calibre of teams taking part. So to receive 3 is something beyond our wildest dreams. We placed 3rd in chicken, 8th in brisket and 1st in the International brisket category. We finished in second place of all of the International teams and 30th overall. IMG_2384 IMG_2386 IMG_2388 Full results here.

We can’t thank certain members of our bbq family enough for their support and hospitality. Byron Chism, Dale and Janice Wilson and Ian Mckend, it wouldn’t have been possible without you guys. Also thanks to our sponsors, links to each can be found on the right of this page. Massive congratulations to a true gentleman and one of our biggest bbq ‘heroes’ Tuffy Stone of Cool Smoke for GC and to Parrothead Smokers for RGC and to everyone who heard their name called.