Leburn Kentucky

#96 Leburn Kentucky.

State number 17 that we have competed in.
Thanks to the organisers and reps Phillip and Cathy Brazier for a very well run contest. Another Great weekend spent with our friends from U.K. and USA. We are so lucky that all of you guys go out of your way to come and spend time with us. Anthony and Claire, Jan and John, Dale and Jan. We didn’t come away empty handed with a 5th place pork in a strong field. Congratulations to Continental Bbq for GC and Smoke on this for RGC and everyone who heard their name. Massive thanks to our ever growing support team, Dale and Jan, Byron, Bubba Oller, Chris Hadley, and Butts and Racks bbq. Thanks to our sponsors as always. Pigswill Bbq, @angusandoink @proqsmokers @mcbrikett @vuurenrook @bobsbutchers Fab.