The Jack 2019

100 The Jack 2019.

Apart from the weather the Jack was kind to us once again with 2 walks. 6th place dessert went to my very talented bride Lyndz, with a perfect 180. Then we took 1st place in Cooking from the homelands. Overall we had what we thought was an excellent cook and finished at 23rd overall, our highest in our 4 visits. Thanks to Chip Chapman for announcing our 100th contest. Congratulations to Clark crew for GC and Shake n bake for RGC and to everyone that heard their names called. Thanks to Byron Chism for his never ending help and hospitality. Thanks to Buck n Lou for the fantastic support. You guys are truly awesome! Thanks to Jan Dale Eric and Tammy for coming out and supporting us. Wonderful friends! Thanks to Bubba and Byron for the drums again. So great to see so many of our BBQ family again. Thanks Jan and Jon for your help. Thanks to Anthony and Gina for the chicken and Charcoal great to spend time with you again. Special thanks to @fogocharcoal for great products for the contest. Thanks to Wayne for helping with the flood and his team for all you do. Special thanks to @angusandoink for the ‘extra sponsorship’ for this contest. Thanks as always to all of our sponsors Pigswill Bbq, Angus & Oink,Pro q macs BBQ, Mcbrikett, Vuur en rook, Bobs butchers.