Our U.K. Results.

Miss Piggys U.K. Results Page.


In August 2014 we entered our second UK Chilli Cook Off at Newark Notts. We placed 3rd overall. Congratulations to Billy Franks for their 1st place and Mean Bean for their 2nd place.

Miss Piggy’s competed at Q on the Canal 2, which is the only KCBS sanctioned competition in the U.K. held at the Globe Inn, Snarestone, Leicestershire on 25th May 2014. The competition was very well organised and enjoyed by all. We were lucky enough to win 3rd in in Chicken, 5th in Ribs, 1st in Pork, 1st in Brisket, 3rd in Sauce, 3rd in Surf and Turf and Overall Grand Champion! Congratulations to Seaside Smokers of the Netherlands who claimed Reserve GC and Smokey Bandits in 3rd, also to everyone who heard their name and took part. We elected to raffle off all of our prizes including a £1000 Daniel Boone pellet smoker, kindly donated by American BBQ Company http://www.americanbbq.co.uk/ in order to raise further proceeds for the chosen charity Help 4 Heroes. Full results here http://www.kcbs.us/events.php?year=2014&month=5&id=4622

Our first competition of the year, was again something a little different. We took part in round two of Rib Nights at The Church in Birmingham. Rib Nights is a two team head-to-head contest where teams cook ribs that are blind-judged by a packed house of diners who vote for their favourite ribsribnights2. The team we were up against was Pit smoked BBQ, a large event catering and competition team from the west midlands, who had previous wins at Grillstock. ribnights1 We couldn’t have wished for better company as we all shared a few beers and had a great night. Whilst the teams were ‘hard at work’ upstairs, the diners/judges were being treated to a fantastic night of entertainment downstairs including the amazing magician Gavin Parsons. ribnights3 The judges voted and although it was a very close call we ended up winning. Our prize kindly donated by the evenings sponsors Jim Bean’s Devil’s Cut.photo A massive ‘well done to our opponents and new friends Pit smoked bbq and a big thankyou to the sponsors and The Church for hosting the event and to Ahmed Kage of Rib Nights for a well organised event. See you all in the Final.


To finish our year in the U.K. we decided to try something different and entered a UK Chilli cook-off. This was scheduled for Burton Brewery, which is 30 minutes from home for us and was also a qualifying heat for the U.K. Championship final which takes place next year, whereby the ultimate champion will go on to the World Food Championships in Las Vegas. We didn’t really know what to expect and didn’t really have a clue about cooking chilli. We were very pleasantly surprised with the competition itself. Great organisation from John Doody and his crew, great company from all of the other teams competing, great sponsorship from Cola Rebel and a really great turnout. We were even more surprised when our name was called out for 1st place! So now we go on to the final – watch this space. Congratulations to Tim’s Kitchen for their win in peoples choice and to the joint runners up Mexibros (sorry if I got that wrong) and Chillibobs. We will be definately adding more chilli competitions to the diary for 2014.photo

UKBBQA held their second contest August 24th/25th again at The Globe Inn at Snarestone Leicestershire. This time the organisers were our partners in UKBBQA, Adie and Claire Platts of Bite the Bullet BBQ. This meant we were able to compete in the U.K. for the first time in over a year. It was another first for Europe as, although this was only a licensed KCBS contest, it was the first in Europe to use the new scoring system. We thoroughly enjoyed the event and took a walk in every category! We were 1st in sauce with our version of an Alabama white sauce, which was a real gamble that paid off. We were 1st in cooking from the homeland, with our chicken tikka masala, which was successful at the Jack. We were 2nd in dessert, with an English trifle cheesecake, which again we had success with at the Jack. In the main four categories we were 2nd in chicken, 1st in ribs, 1st in pork and 1st in brisket, giving us 8 trophies in total!
It was fantastic to see other teams and BBQ family do well too, some of them at their first attempt. Serious Lee BBQ had never cooked a competition under his own team name but finished in RGC place with some fantastic cooking all on one small wsm! De Rokende Regahs were the only Dutch team present but had a strong cook to finish third, taking 7 trophies back to Netherlands! Also it was great to see brand new teams that had never cooked before get in the trophies, such as Jorvic Vikings with a third in sauce and a 2nd in brisket!
A fantastic weekend all round, and what this sport/hobby of ours is all about.

UKBBQA 1st ever KCBS contest in the U.K. As we were organisers of the competition we couldn’t cook so we handed over to Jon Swann who did a great job in his first ever cook. He took a 4th in Brisket, 4th in Dessert, 2nd in sauce and 3rd in one pot wonder. http://www.kcbs.us/events.php?id=4298


British BBQ Society Mayhem in May 2010. Our first competition. 3rd overall and 1st in Brisket.

Pitmasters July 2010. Reserve Grand Champions, 1st in Pork and 2nd in Brisket.

Pitmasters National Final August 2010. Reserve Grand Champions, 2nd in Chicken, 2nd in Ribs and 1st in Pork.

Pitmasters series Reserve Champions 2010.


Pitmasters Mayhem in May 2011. Reserve Grand Champions, 10th in chicken, 9th in Ribs, 1st in Pork and 4th in Brisket.

Pitmasters July 2011. 6th Overall, 8th in Chicken, 9th in Ribs, 7th in Pork and 4th in Brisket.

Pitmasters National Final August 2011. Grand Champions, 3rd in Chicken, 2nd in Ribs, 3rd in Pork and 1st in Brisket.


Pitmasters Mayhem in May 2012. Grand Champions, 1st in Chicken, 5th in Ribs, 2nd in Pork and 2nd in Brisket.

IBQN Big BBQ European Championship. 2012. Grand Champions, Jack Daniel’s World Invitational BBQ Championship Qualification, 1st in Chicken, 6th in Ribs, 1st in Pork and 4th in Brisket.

Paddle around the Pier Brighton. 2012. 3rd Overall, 2nd in Chicken, 4th in Ribs, 6th in Pork and 3rd in Brisket.

Cartmel 2012. Reserve Grand Champions, 3rd in Chicken, 2nd in Ribs, 2nd in Pork and 1st in Brisket.